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buy stromectol online uk > buy stromectol uk > Asbestos Testing Norwich & Norfolk
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Asbestos Testing Norwich & Norfolk

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Asbestos was widely used throughout norwich and norfolk and was used extensively throughout east anglia within heating and electrical insulation products and as a general building material until 1985, everything from spray coatings, lagging and insulation board

It was also used as a bonding and strengthening agent within other building materials such as cement board, rainwater goods, floor tiles, roof tiles, and within textured decorative coatings up until 1999 when the importation of asbestos was finally banned.

Other common uses include; stair nosing, sink pads (for acoustics), resins, plastics (such as toilet cisterns), brake pads, fuse-board flash-guards, safe linings, paint, textiles, rope, bitumen, felt, paper, mattresses and gaskets etc.

Most common types of asbestos:

More information including visual representations of asbestos and where it can be found is available on theorder stromectol



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